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Ba’ndo Lab is the rookie camp of Ba’ndo Design Studio where young creative people from different departments and /or disciplines of universities find the opportunity for creative flourishing with a unique method.

A brand new journey starts every year for several rookies who aim to discover their potential at Ba’ndo.

If you want to think, explore, design, talk about art movements, discuss a book or a movie, draw the idea you come up with, dance with the words, start your portfolio or develop the portfolio you already started – in short, if you want to learn and practice everything about being creative and become a totally different person, then Ba’ndo Lab is your place!

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2022 labs
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2019 labs
2019 labs

How To Become A Ba'ndo Lab Rookie

Besides your portfolio please just explain who you are and why you are interested in Ba’ndo Lab’s rookie camp.

By the way, we are also not interested in what you’re majoring in at the university because we only want people who are willing to learn more, become as productive as possible, and free themselves while creating to join our community.

Hüt Hüt

Ba’ndo Lab proudly presents its new project HütHüt with its first issue!

““Mantıku’t-Tayr” is one of the most significant Sufi literature pieces where a story about birds is told using various symbols, which forms the foundation of Sufism. We found our very own creative soul and its journey within these symbols.

In the original story, birds that are looking for Simurg aka Phoenix with the guidance of a wise bird, HütHüt went through a challenging journey. Many birds gave up, got hurt, or died during the journey and only 30 of them managed to reach the home of Simurg. Once they arrive and see Simurg, they realize that actually they’re Simurg and the home is just a mirror.

As the rookies of Ba’ndo Lab, we’re on a journey in which we search for ourselves. Ba’ndo is the wise bird that guides us and we are designers who keep searching for ways to be more creative and productive.

Pleasure is; something temporary, something permanent, to produce, to consume, an escape, a chase… In a word, pleasure differs for everyone!

Ba’ndo Lab presents the second issue of HütHüt! The topic of this issue is “pleasure.”

If you want to look at pleasure from different angles, visit

The main topic of the first issue is a distruptive feeling: Hate. Hatred is distinct from short-lived feelings such as anger and disgust. Easy to say but hard to define.

Designers tried to find the basis of this feeling within them and understand it. Their creative work became the reflection of this feeling.

Hope this issue of Hüthüt will give you food for thought about your feelings as well.


Ba'ndo Lab Design Manual



This guidebook came to life out of necessity. The aim is to include all the rookies and experienced designers at Ba’ndo in the process of creating a new way of thinking and forming a unique design culture. Our only will is to increase the productivity level with a systematic thinking methodology and design language. We see sharing “Ba’ndo Design & Creation Philosophy Guidebook” with everyone, not just with our employees as our responsibility to the design world.

Wish it will take your interest as well in this long journey called “designing”.

Bando Lab

Golden Typography



Target audience of this add-on

Golden Typeface add-on is for graphic designers, web designers, UI designers as well as many other artists in the design industry. Ba'ndo Lab - Golden Typeface enables you to create your design system typographically.

Area of usage

The most frequently faced problem in the world of design is, not being able to create with a systematic and context-based system. For a correct hierarchical format, font spaces should be in the correct line heights. This is an essential point for an aesthetic structure in design. This add-on calculates the font sizes according to the golden ratio. Or you may only enter your text area height and then create your correct font height. Also, you may use the line height created for you.

And more

We will continue to upgrade this add-on. ‘Golden Ratio Typography (GRT) Calculator’ made this add-on possible and led us the way.